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When your Excel dashboard has multiple users, you might want to customise the options available to different sets of users.

Scenario 1: You created a sales dashboard, you might want pricing column hidden from certain people, or you might want only relevant products visible to the suppliers, or you may want to call the same report by different names for different sets of people and so on and so forth. Essentially, you want to control what you want to show to whom.

Scenario 2: You have an Excel report with huge volumes of data of all regions. You want to set your print area such that each region can print only their own data and the header is customised as per their region name. (more…)


While Preparing an Excel Dashboard one needs to handle a lot of hiding and unhiding of Sheets for various users. For Devloper all sheets should be unhidden and for user some of them should visible. We need different views of one workbook for different people developer, user, admin, etc.
We can handle this with using a Custom View property of the workbook with VBA

ActiveWorkbook.CustomViews.Add Viewname, PrintSettings(value True/False), RowColumnSettings(value True/False)