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Paste As Link

Posted: May 27, 2013 by Theodoulus in Excel
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You have created a dashboard in which you have applied all the required formatting like border, color, cell merge, background, font- style, margins, row-column height or width etc. You have data in the dashboard and you have spent many hours in this whole creation.
What if you want to show the same dashboard in a different sheet too (means all the efforts you did in the previous sheet while creating that dashboard).
Solution: In this situation, Excel provides us “Paste Picture link” by which we can get all the desired output. You just need to copy the range of the dashboard that you created and paste it anywhere you want as “Paste Picture Link”. Now you are the GOD for the dashboard means if you are extending the row height, unmerge the merged cell, giving different background image and even your data is dynamic (getting changed automatically) or anything else you want in your Parent dashboard.

Isn’t this a smart way of doing things!
So how to accomplish the task, let’s see:

First Create you Dashboard………………………..
Now Select the range or the whole area of the dashboard and copy it.
Go to that place where you want this to be pasted and find the paste option on the HOME tab and Paste Picture Link


Now whatever change would come in the original Dashboard will be reflected in the Picture Link which you have pasted.

See You Soon…………


Re-creating Custom Charts

Re-creating Custom Charts Can be Frustrating

Excel provides us with many chart types and those of us who work with data representation or create dashboards know that they are not enough. We do need to create custom chart types every now and then to satisfy specific needs. At the same time, some of these custom charts are so frequently used that it becomes frustrating to re-create them each and every time. But don’t worry, Microsoft is considerate enough to provide a solution to this.