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Introducing Our New Category… R

Posted: December 1, 2014 by MaxFraudy in R
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You know how learning new things keeps one’s mind agile (or so I’ve heard). Well, following this adage, I’ve recently been spending some time in trying to learn R. I find R to be very different from SAS & SQL or any other language that I have used. It took me quite a while to get used to how data is handled in R.

I’m still a beginner so I don’t see myself posting a lot of ‘useful gyaan‘ on R in near future, however, I believe other beginners may also be facing similar problems as I am. So in line with our mission to ‘make life @work easier‘, I’ll be ‘sharing stuff‘ that could be real help (at least to a novice like me).

The first in line is a cheat sheet for data.table in R (Download data+table+cheat+sheet). This is not my creation but I found it at this place and felt like sharing it. For someone like me, who tends to forget syntax this is a ready reckoner for data.table manipulations. Some examples:

Snapshot of the data.table cheat sheet

Snapshot of the data.table cheat sheet