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UntitledScenario 1 When we build dashboards in Excel, we add many objects on the worksheet. We may choose to hide some of these or make them all visible, depending on the requirement. What do you do if you want to look at all the objects on a worksheet?

Scenario 2 When you copy data from a website onto an Excel worksheet, sometime certain undesirable invisible shapes and objects also get copied over. How would you work with them if you can’t see them? Or, how would you know how many and where they are?

Did you know that you can use ‘Selection Pane‘ to do this all.



Text Comparison: Option Compare Text

Posted: July 12, 2013 by kulshresthazone in Excel, Outlook, Powerpoint, VBA
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If we compare text in VBA Code then “B” is not equal to “b” since there ASCII codes for both these characters are different. However we can force Excel code to compare text on the basis of¬† Text not on their Binary values.
Make use of  Option Compare Text on the very First line of the Code module. It will force VBA to compare Text in Text mode not in Binary mode. By Default Text comparison is done in Binary mode.

If we don’t use Option Compare Text then
If we make use of Option Compare Text then

Happy Coding…

UntitledWhen we create presentations Powerpoint, we spend quite a lot of time in getting the look and feel right. Among other things, this involves applying similar formats to all shapes and pictures. In my experience, shapes are the trickiest part. There is so much customisation and so many options to do so, that there is a chance that a few parts may be missed in some shapes.

To avoid this, you can set defaults. To do so, insert a shape (any of the available ones), apply formatting changes that you want – fill color, shape outline, shape effects, shape style, etc. When you are sure that you have the look of the shape right, right click on the shape and select ‘Set as Default Shape‘. (more…)

Creating Powerpoint Slides: Rules

Posted: May 17, 2013 by MaxFraudy in General Tips, Powerpoint
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I recently came across some very poorly made presentations which prompted me to create this deck. It has some rudimentary pointers that need to be kept in mind while creating powerpoint slides.