This blog was started over a cup of tea, really. Like they usually do, Transformer and MaxFraudy were discussing some technical funda or the other and had arrived on an agreement. Then came the thought that what they know in their own fields could benefit a lot of others out there. Also, they could learn new things by connecting with the rest of the community. The question remained how.

It could not be done through forums which provide limited space to express where things get lost in all the clutter. Finally, a blog was decided upon. And so it began. One thing that all of them agreed upon is that they will not limit it to one particular topic. It will be everything that “Makes Life @Work Easier“. Suddenly, there were too many things to share but not enough time to prepare. Therefore, this blog is taking shape slowly and steadily.

About The Blog

Once this blog started, we connected with like-minded people like Kulshresthazone and Theodoulus who were kind enough to share their knowledge and their experience on this blog. All of us will share what we think could expedite work or that could help clear fundamentals or just something interesting that we come across. While we may not be experts (or MVPs), we are willing to help those who think they can benefit from us. We take suggestions and feedback, either through comments or via email. Please fell free to get in touch.

Thanks for visiting. And if you liked what you saw, please spread the word…

Regards from all the authors here


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