Did You Know :: Making A Workbook Read-Only

Posted: July 16, 2013 by MaxFraudy in Excel
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UntitledAt times, when you are sharing a workbook with multiple users, you might want to make your file read-only in order to keep the users from making changes unintentionally. You can do so by making your file always open in ‘Read-Only’ mode. Once the file has been made read-only, no changes can be made to it without saving with a different name.

To make a file read-only, follow the following steps:

  1. With the file open in Excel, on the File menu, click Save As.
  2. On the Tools menu in the Save As dialog box, click General Options.

    Read only - Step 3

    Read only – Step 2

  3. Select the Read-only recommended check box, and then click OK.

    Read only - Step 3

    Read only – Step 3

  4. Click Save.

Similarly, to make the file read/write again, follow the same steps and clear the ‘Read-only recommended‘ box.


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