Did You Know :: Multiple Views of Multiple Parts of a Worksheet – Split

Posted: June 30, 2013 by Transformer in Excel
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Some times we need to compare data located in different parts of a worksheet.Untitled
e.g. I have thousands of records in a sheet and i need to compare 1 to 25 rows with 100 to 125 rows then it is not easy to compare them in a single screen. I will have to scroll up and down again and again.
In that case splitting the worksheet into different panes makes it easy.

There are two ways to split a screen:
1. Using split box located at the top of the vertical scroll bar or the far right end of the horizontal scroll bar.

Split Box

Just pull down that box to split the screen.

2.Using split option available in the View tab of the Ribbon.
To split a sheet horizontally, select a cell in column A of the row where you want to split the worksheet. Similarly, to split a sheet vertically, select a cell in row 1 of the column where you want to split the worksheet.

Split Option

Horizontal Split

You can also divide a sheet into four panes – two horizontal and two vertical, Select a cell where you want to split the sheet and click the Split option in View tab. The sheet will split from the left and from the top of the selected cell, like below:

Split Panes

Splitting into Four Panes

Here I have monthwise data in columns B onwards and a cumulative sum in column A. Suppose I wish to change a value and see how it’s affecting the total value. I can simply split the worksheet instead of coming back and forth. This way, I can see where the change is being done (on far right) and how the calculation is changing (on far left).


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