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Posted: June 16, 2013 by MaxFraudy in Excel
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UntitledWe often use cell comments to keep certain information in a spreadsheet which we may want to refer back to later. When you are creating a dashboard in Excel, and have formatted everything from a cell to a chart to look splendid, the boring-looking cell comment boxes can let your otherwise awesome report down. Did you know that you can format comment boxes just like you format a shape?

To do so, you will need to add a command to the QAT (see here how). Select ‘Shapes‘ from the list of commands and add it to the QAT.

Comment ShapeTo change the comment box shape, first add a cell comment like you normally would. Once it’s done, right click the cell to ‘Edit Comment‘. When the comment is highlighted, click the box border -> click on the Shapes icon in the QAT -> Change Shape -> Select the shape that you like.

Cell Comment Shape

Cell Comment Shape



Apparently, the same task can be achieved using “Change Shape” command from the list of available commands. Thanks to AZS for highlighting this.


  1. AZS says:

    Correction required: User need to select the “Change Shape” from the QAT. In the website it is select “shapes” which is in-correct. However, this is different. I like it. Thanks and please correct it…

  2. Transformer says:

    Hi AZS, Thanks for the feedback.
    Actually “Change Shape” option comes under “Shape” category.We just added shape so that user can see some other options also along with “change shape” option.

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