Did You Know :: Bullet Points & Line Breaks in Excel Cells

Posted: June 10, 2013 by MaxFraudy in Excel
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UntitledAlthough Excel is a primarily a spreadsheet program, which means that it has been designed to store numbers, we often need to use some cells to store text. Also, at times we need to use ‘Word’-like features like line breaks or bullet points. Did you know that you could achieve it in Excel this way:

For bullet points – use [Alt] + 7 or [Alt] + 9 key from the numeric keypad on your keypad. The former combination will give you a filled-in bullet and latter will give you an empty bullet. In laptops where there is no dedicated keypad, use the [Fn] + [Num Lock] or [Shift] + [Num Lock] key to enable the numeric keypad and then use the shortcut for bullets.

Bullets Points in Excel Cells

Bullets Points in Excel Cells

For line breaks, use [Alt] + [Enter] key

Line Breaks in Excel Cells

Line Breaks in Excel Cells



Using [Alt] + any number from the numeric keypad inserts the character associated with that ASCII code. In the above case, it’s the two circles.



  1. snb says:

    I thought you meant to draw our attention to using a custom numberformat

    “• @”
    “◘ @”

    in which the first characters are alt-7 and alt- 9 respectively

  2. Transformer says:

    [ALT] +[Number entered from numeric keyboard] = CHAR(Number)

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