Calculating Subtotals Within Groups of Data Using UNION

Posted: May 24, 2013 by MaxFraudy in MS Access, SQL

Problem Statement: There is a table named Employee which has department wise employee details as given below. We want to find out gender-wise subtotals and a grand total for each department.

Dept	Employee_ID	Gender
IT	E123	          M
IT	E124	          M
IT	E125	          M
IT	E126	          M
IT	E127	          F
IT	E128	          F
HR	E129	          M
HR	E130	          F
HR	E131	          F
HR	E132	          F
HR	E133	          M

Solution: This can be done using a UNION query where we calculate gender wise population in one subquery and department wise population in the other and then union them as below:

SELECT [Dept], [Gender], count(*)  as Pop
GROUP BY [Dept], [Gender]


SELECT [Dept], "Total", Count(*) as Pop

This query will return the following result:

Dept	    Gender	 Pop
HR	       F	   3
HR	       M	   2
HR	    Total	   5
IT	       F	   2
IT	       M	   4
IT	    Total	   6

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