Did You Know? :: Formatting Shapes in Powerpoint & Excel: Setting Defaults

Posted: May 19, 2013 by MaxFraudy in Excel, Powerpoint
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UntitledWhen we create presentations Powerpoint, we spend quite a lot of time in getting the look and feel right. Among other things, this involves applying similar formats to all shapes and pictures. In my experience, shapes are the trickiest part. There is so much customisation and so many options to do so, that there is a chance that a few parts may be missed in some shapes.

To avoid this, you can set defaults. To do so, insert a shape (any of the available ones), apply formatting changes that you want – fill color, shape outline, shape effects, shape style, etc. When you are sure that you have the look of the shape right, right click on the shape and select ‘Set as Default Shape‘.

Default Shape Format

Default Shape Format

After selecting this option, all subsequent shapes that are inserted onto the dashboard will already have these styles applied.

Do remember that this option only sets default as the formats, not the shape; although the name suggests otherwise.

This works just as beautifully for Excel & Word shapes as well. You don’t need to worry about using Format Painter or remembering the styles of each shape.


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