Did You Know? :: Excel Format Painter

Posted: May 5, 2013 by Transformer in Excel
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UntitledWe have been posting tutorials or how-tos so far that are full fledged posts in themselves. There are other things that are quite useful but won’t make a full blog post. Very small tricks or shortcuts that could be explained in a few lines. This series is going to be those things, and one every Sunday. We are naming it ‘Did You Know?‘ but it’s open to better suggestions.

The first in the series is the Format Painter in Excel. All of us know what it does. If you select a cell (or a range of cells or a shape or any object) and click on the Format Painter icon, then all the formats that you’d applied to the object are picked and they can be applied to another similar object by simply clicking on the object.

Format Painter

But did you know that if you double-click the Format Painter icon then the formats stay with it until either the icon is clicked again or ‘Esc’ key is pressed. So once you have copied the format (by double clicking the icon) you can apply it to multiple objects one by one.


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