Using ‘CALCULATION OPTIONS’ to Speed Up MS Excel File Opening

Posted: April 16, 2013 by Transformer in Excel

Most of us who work with huge amount of data files have suffered Excel’s latency when opening big files (8MB or more), especially when the file contains calculations and cell formulas. The reason behind this behaviour is that whenever an Excel file is opened, all the formulas in the workbook are recalculated. In addition to it, if volatile functions are used in calculations it becomes more and more sluggish.

While it is useful to always have the accurate and refreshed (so to say) values in any report, sometimes when one just KNOWS that the file that he had saved had correct values and no changes have been made to any data, there is no need for Excel to re-run the calculations. To stop Excel from running calculations, follow these steps:

  1. Open Excel application
  2. Go to Formulas tab -> Calculations section -> Calculation Options
  3. Click Manual
  4. Now the application level setting has been changed to Manual. Now, you can open any file in this instance and the calculations won’t be re-run and the file will open up in a jiffy!!!



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